Donor Direct Consulting -- Our Service

Donor Direct Consulting is a third party fundraising consultancy that assists not-for-profit organisations in building stronger brand awareness and dramatically growing their monthly support base.

Our clients include some of Canada’s largest and most reputable charitable and not for profit organizations. We implement staff and manage fundraising campaigns on behalf of our clients using a variety of fundraising tools, including Telemarketing and Face to Face fundraising.

As a company, we are dedicated to a very personal approach that ensures our client organizations are represented in a manner that is highly professional whilst being educational and compassionate.


Our telemarketing services provide our clients with the best in maintenance, stewardship and upgrading of their existing donor databases. Our calling team is composed of seasoned professionals who are armed with the most up to date organizational information and specific brand phraseology. The team takes pride in representing our client organizations with the utmost in professionalism, clarity and compassion.

Face to Face

Donor Direct Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of Face to Face fundraising services that includes: Door to Door, Mall/Private Site, and Street canvassing. We have developed the services to provide the most effective means of donor acquisition. Our fundraisers are trained to be the professional public representatives of the client organization. Accordingly, each fundraiser is dedicated to a single organization as we feel that fundraising for multiple clients, simultaneously, can water down a fundraiser’s connection to the cause they are representing.

Donor Direct Consulting Ltd. is a member of AFP and is in compliance with AFP’s operating guidelines.